RIP JetAmerica

RIP JetAmerica

I am not normally one to gloat and say “I told you so” but JetAmerica kind of asked for it. After Jaunted and CrankyFlier pointed out that JetAmerica was going to be delayed, I jumped on the “blogger bandwagon” and came out to say “I might eat my words, but I am guessing the airline won’t fly on July 13th and it might never fly at all.”

Brian Burling, JetAmerica’s vice president of operations countered all the negativity with, “People should not be so quick to jump to negative conclusions about JetAmerica. I am particularly referring to internet bloggers and naysayers who are predicting the worst.”

Today JetAmerica announced it just isn’t happening, they are throwing in the towel. Honestly, I wish I was wrong. Really I do. I think all of us airline bloggers love it when new airlines start up – they give us something to blog about. But this one just didn’t feel right.

Bryan Glazer, spokesperson for JetAmerica stated, “Don’t be surprised if JetAmerica comes back with new routes and new destinations.”

I won’t hold my breath…

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Nick Smith

Dang!!!! We need more airlines, not less –

The problem with JetAmerica is that it seems to have pinned all its hope on slots into Newark Liberty, which was probably its biggest mistake. The successful low cost carriers always use less trafficked airports to build a loyal customer base before moving into major airports. JetAmerica should have used this strategy instead of going directly for Newark.

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