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RIP JetAmerica

RIP JetAmerica

I am not normally one to gloat and say “I told you so” but JetAmerica kind of asked for it. After Jaunted and CrankyFlier pointed out that JetAmerica was going to be delayed, I jumped on the “blogger bandwagon” and came out to say “I might eat my words, but I am guessing the airline won’t fly on July 13th and it might never fly at all.”

Brian Burling, JetAmerica’s vice president of operations countered all the negativity with, “People should not be so quick to jump to negative conclusions about JetAmerica. I am particularly referring to internet bloggers and naysayers who are predicting the worst.”

Today JetAmerica announced it just isn’t happening, they are throwing in the towel. Honestly, I wish I was wrong. Really I do. I think all of us airline bloggers love it when new airlines start up – they give us something to blog about. But this one just didn’t feel right.

Bryan Glazer, spokesperson for JetAmerica stated, “Don’t be surprised if JetAmerica comes back with new routes and new destinations.”

I won’t hold my breath…

JetAmerica's Boeing 737-800

JetAmerica's Boeing 737-800

Back in May I blogged about a new start up airline, Since then I have been following stories related to the airline and the same thoughts kept creeping in my mind, ’œIs this airline real? Will it ever fly?’

The airline was supposed to take flight on July 13th, but Jaunted and CrankyFlier think it might not be happening, and I have to agree. When trying to book a flight a message shows ’œFlight not available on selected date. See grid below for available flight dates.’ And now on the front page it shows, ’œError A system error has occurred. Please check back to the website shortly’

Both Jaunted and Crankyflier tried to call and ask what is happening and Cranky gave up after 10min (I don’t blame him), but Jaunted got through after 11min. JetAmerica said, ’œThere is a problem with our server. It is only booking flights for August and September. IT says all should be fixed by end of the day tomorrow’, which is today. When asked if they were still on for a first flight in July, they said, ’œAs far as I know, yeah.’ Of course the person on the other end of the line was most likely a customer service representative, but you would think they would be more confident in the airlines first flight!

I might eat my words, but I am guessing the airline won’t fly on July 13th and it might never fly at all.

UPDATE: Brett over at CrankyFlier got forwarded an email sent out from JetAmerica. It states they are delaying their first flight to August 14th due to “landing slot issues.” Read the entire letter here.

JetAmerica's Boeing 737-800

JetAmerica's Boeing 737-800

Yes, a new airline is starting up, but they have a lot of help. The airline will be based out of Newark, NJ and have most of their flights go to smaller mid-sized cities which have seen a drop in traffic from other airlines.

Some of the airports are willing to shell out a lot of money to make JetAmerica work. Lansing, MI, South Bend, ID Melbourne, FL, and Toledo, OH are paying JetAmerica with $1.4 million in grants, almost $900,000 in waived fees, and over $1 million in marketing and advertising in the first year.

John Weikle, chief executive or JetAmerica, feels this extra money will help protect the new airline from fuel price spikes which mostly caused the bankruptcy of Skybus — an airline JetAmerica is modelling themselves after.

Prices will start at $9 per seat (for the first 19 seats) and then up to $199. The standards of paying for checked bags, food, drink, etc will apply as well to the new airline.

JetAmerica will start with one leased Boeing 737-800, but hope to have four flying by July of next year.

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