Some creative United Airlines and American Airlines liveries

Some creative United Airlines and American Airlines liveries

I am one that enjoys following all the airline liveries and get excited when a new one comes out. Sometimes I shudder when seeing a new livery that just…well isn’t that great.

While surfing around, I found a website that allows people to create their own liveriesand some are not half bad. Kind of wish more airlines would take a look to get a better idea of what possibilities are out there, since creating a new brand is not cheap.

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R J Kidd Sr

I think livery for American Airlines looks excellent!

JC Hancock

WOW! That United Airlines paint job looks fantastic. Best since “Saul Bass, orange, red & blue.” Maybe United management should see it!


i really love that united livery, i wish they chose something new and exciting that over the crappy old continental livery


Just flew through IAH. Hundreds of newly painted United planes. I think the new livery is the best in the industry.

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