A nice mesh-type curtain.

A nice mesh-type curtain.

Have you ever flown in first class and felt bad about having to look at the people sitting in the back of the plane? Ever been in the back of the plane and hated seeing the treatment that the front of the plane received?

Worry no longer, the class divider (aka cabin curtains) is making a comeback.

After the September 11th attacks, the TSA mandated airlines lose their curtains, allowing easy plane visibility. Passengers (presumably from the front of the plane) have complained and want to have more privacy and airlines are responding.

American Airlines is in process of adding new curtains to recreate the class separation. United Airlines started earlier, installing mesh-type curtains over three years ago.

As time goes on, more and more airlines will most likely follow. Even being in the back of the plane, this can be a good thing, since I don’t enjoy seeing what I am missing.

Source: Chicago Tribune Image: olton

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Hmmmm… I’ve seen the closed curtains on Continental domestics for the last two years at least.

Yes, the mesh kind. I am not a frequent flyer. Are these returning curtains opaque?

I don’t get that. I don’t mind seeing people in first class and seeing people in coach either. That is weird. This just makes it more noticeable.


Who cares if someone is flying first class??? They paid for it… just because some of us are cheaper or not as privileged is no reason to get your panties in a bunch. We are not all created equal, some people make more money – hell some people even inherit money and don’t have to do a damn thing for it. Others have to work their asses off, it’s really no big deal. If you want it work for it, don’t waste time being jealous you don’t have something someone else has. And I am so sick of this, we are all winners we are all created equal crap… not everyone gets a trophy, someone has to be the loser.


It’s not only that, some people going on trips will simply fly cheap in order to have more spending money at their destination, some cut destination money to fly a higher class, it’s the consumer’s call. I am flying to WA this weekend from AR and I found that for an extra 135 I could upgrade to first class and so I did. I’m a graduate with very little money but if I’m gonna spend over 11 hours jumping from airport to airport I’m at least gonna make it a little more comfortable, yea it cuts into my spending money for WA but it’s my choice. I’ve flown coach plenty of times and hold no ill will towards the first class people, I don’t know their stories or reasons for being up there but where I sit in a plane is my choice and and where others sit is their choice.


Not just wealthy people fly first class. Some are on upgrades. Some are like me who are willing to pay extra for the more relaxed atmosphere because I don’t like to fly.
First Class is what coach was like 30 years ago.

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