Sukoi Superjet 100. Pic from

Sukoi Superjet 100. Pic from

Jon Ostrower from FlightBlogger is over at the Paris Air Show and has been doing a great job covering it. Today he posted a video showing the new Sukhoi Superjet.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 can hold 75-95 passengers and is scheduled to start deliveries in the third quarter of 2009. Armenian Armanvia will receive the first planes, followed by Aeroflot. The Flightblogger reports that there are an additional 24 orders from Avia Leasing and another 30 for Malev in Hungary. As of June 2009 there are 124 confirmed orders and an additional 99 options by 11 airlines/leasing companies.

Even though most of the attention is given to the Boeing vs Airbus battle, there are quite a few other aircraft choices out there, other than the two main players. The Airline Blog will be reporting more on other aircraft manufacturers this summer. 
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That Sukhoi Superjet looks cool. What’s with the pointy nose thing?

The “pointy nose thing” is an extension to house the Pitot tubes. It is used in testing and development to calibrate the pitot tubes on the fuselage. The airflow from the fuselage can affect the readings, and this gives the engineers a true reading for calibration purposes. All newly designed aircraft have them at first for test flights.

Just one correction: not “Armanvia”, but “Armavia”!

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