CN-RNT Royal Air Maroc Boeing 767 showing the damages after a hard landing. Click for Larger.

CN-RNT Royal Air Maroc Boeing 767 showing the damages after a hard landing. Click for Larger.

Wandering around on, I found the first pictures I have seen of Royal Air Maroc’s Boeing 767-300 which had a hard landing back in April 2009. The aircraft was cleared to land at JFK (flying from Morocco). 

After the landing there was no obvious damage to the plane and it was set up for the return flight. Then the flight crew noticed the damage during the walk-around and it is expected to cost up to $10 million to repair the damaged plane. It is currently thought that the incident was caused by wake turbulence.

It is scary to think what might have happened if the plane would have taken off without the damages found. And to think this damage was found in the dark during the walk-around! That must have been one hard landing for everyone aboard for sure.

Image: Gerard Isaacson

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Bummer. This plane, CN-RNT, had just come out of a major maintenance overhaul at Delta TechOps a few weeks prior to this accident. What a shame…


Now Ram has good reasons to continue with its high out of this world prices!!!

G’Day! David Parker Brown,
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Great Job!

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