Air India Boeing 777-337 (ER) VT-ALK Chattisgarh

Air India Boeing 777-337 (ER) VT-ALK Chattisgarh

Air India has been having more problems than curry setting off fire alarms. The airline announced it will be paying 31,000 employees two weeks late.

“The national carrier is facing perhaps its toughest ever crisis,” said Kapil Kaul who is the chief executive officer.

The airline saw a loss of over $800 million in the last financial year and the future outlook isn’t looking much better.

Employees now are struggling to figure out how to pay their own bills, since banks won’t be willing to push off bills for another two weeks.

Hopefully this can be resolved soon since one of the biggest morale  killers is not getting paid.

Source: Indian Express Image: Thomas Becker

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That was their glorious plan for fixing the financial woes? It seems to me the last thing you want to do is stop paying the people who make your company run. How about cutting amenities, flights, and perhaps layoffs? Trimming the fat would at least be a good start.

How about doing what most other airlines are doing, charge for luggage, food, drinks, pillows, blankets, breathing, coughing, etc! That should help!

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