The exact JetStar Airbus A300-200 involved in this incident: VH-EBF. Taken 10/08

The exact JetStar Airbus A300-200 involved in this incident: VH-EBF. Taken 10/08

On June 11th, a Jetstar Airbus A330-200 (same model as the AirFrance flight 447) was at cruising altitude heading from Japan to Australia when a loud bang and a flash of white came from the co-pilot’s windscreen.

Luckily, at the time of the incident, the aircraft was only about 20 minutes from Guam, but getting there wasn’t an easy ride.

The cockpit started to fill with smoke and the pilots put on oxygen masks while trying to put out the fires. After about a minute, it seemed the flames were out.

The passengers had no idea there was an emergency, since both pilots in the cockpit had their masks on and were unable to inform others aboard the plane of their condition.
At this time, there doesn’t seem to be any similarities between the malfunctions on this flight and those on AirFrance Flight 447.  Hopefully people won’t start thinking the Airbus A330 is an unsafe plane.

Source: The Melbourne Herald– which has video interview with Jetstar CEO Bruce Buchanan
Image: iCougarmon

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Too late, it already crossed my mind….. Airbus A330 is an unsafe plane! That will be my first question before I actually get on the plane! “Excuse me sir/madam, is this an Airbus A330?” “yes? Oh, okay, I’ll just take the next plane!”

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