Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-28E

Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-28E

Boeing 777 loses one engine, luckily it has two!

Yes! Another good story that could have turned much worse. A Boeing 777 lost an engine shortly after take off at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, WA. Asiana Flight 271 took off heading to South Korea with 179 passengers and 16 crew.

Then, something none of us want to hear and see — a few loud explosions and flames coming out of the left engine. At this time, it is not known what happened, but we will be keeping a close eye on this story.

CLICK HERE to see a video of the safe landing.

Image: Thomas Becker Source & Video: KOMO

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Now you can't even pay to get blankets/pillows

Wow! I recall the trans-continental 777 qualification tests, and that I thought they were excessively rigorous (they were very stringent because it is the first wide body with only two engines). It’s a good thing that each one of those monsters is so robust!

Well, I understand having to dump the fuel, but if you lived under where it was dumped you might not feel so good about it.


Wow, the plan looked like it was circling at a faster speed than you normally see a plan fly above you. I have to agree about being in the plane and wanting to land fast, but “safe” and “alive” is the most important part. Scary stuff!

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