Alaska Airline MD83 at SeaTac

Alaska Airline MD83 at SeaTac

Alaska Airlines has gotten rid of all the blankets and pillows from all 114 planes in its fleet. The airline states it is in response to the recent Swine Flue outbreak and want to increase the sanitization efforts in its planes. They have also been using a virus killing cleaner inside the cabins to take care of any flu viruses left on their aircraft.

Although I have always been a little un-easy using a “shared” blanket and pillow, I wonder why they haven’t gone the route of some other airlines and allow passengers to purchase their own set of blanket and pillow they can keep?

Source: Business Journal Image: sfPhotocraft

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Lots of caffeine + $100 unaccompanied minor fee + 8yr old = not good

I think this is a GREAT idea to improve cabin cleanliness! As for the selling, I would never buy an airline blanket or pillow-they suck. I have and I love it! a nice litte travel. a nice one for the dudes in the audience.


Sheesh! Flights are a little cold and uncomfortable without blankets and pillows! I assume they’ll bring back the service when folks stop freaking out about the swine flu. – Or, I hope anyway.

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