Supermarine Spitfire at SOU - Photo: Bo Long | Airlinereporter

Supermarine Spitfire at SOU – Photo: Bo Long | Airlinereporter

On Saturday morning, March 5, 2016, Southampton Airport (SOU) welcomed the Spitfire back to its spiritual home in celebration of its 80th birthday. I was both delighted and privileged that the airport’s Managing Director, Dave Lees, invited me to join a small gathering of press and other aviation enthusiasts at the Signature Aviation Hangar to bear witness to the event.  The festivities were to include a ceremonial roll-out and solo flight of the iconic WWII fighter in honor of the first test flight of its prototype, eighty years prior. The event would also include a flyover of the nearby resting place of its Chief Designer, RJ Mitchell, who fought against terminal illness to complete the aircraft.

By P.H.F. Tovey, Royal Air Force official photographer - This is photograph CH 1890 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums., Public Domain,

Spit fire – Photo: P.H.F. Tovey, Royal Air Force official photographer | Government Public Domain

Armed with my photographer son, we drove down the M3, through unusual arctic-like conditions to get to SOU. It was freezing and cloudy — two conditions that did not bode particularly well for a celebratory flight. Now, you need to remember that whereas most people accept the weather for what it is, in Britain, meteorological conditions are the starting point for virtually any conversation between strangers – ’tis the basis of an entire culture.

United employees get excited for their newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

United employees get excited for their newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

What makes the 27th delivery of a Boeing 787 to an airline special? Its employees.

Recently, United took delivery of a 787-9 Dreamliner and invited 200 employees along, to celebrate their dedication and hard work. Team leaders, around the world, were asked to select top performers and they were invited to fly to Seattle, attend a VIP dinner, and take a Dreamliner delivery flight back to home-base in Chicago.

The United 787, sitting at Boeing Field

The United 787, sitting at Boeing Field

The road to… well… unite United has not been easy and there is still a lot of work ahead. With new leadership, there is renewed hope for bringing everyone together for the purpose of making the airline stronger. From what I saw during the delivery flight, the airline seems to be on the right path. I have become optimistic about their future.

Taking a shot of an F-16... air-to-air

Taking a shot of an F-16… air-to-air

Every now and then, the stars align, and the trip you often dream about lands in your lap. Events over the last five years came together over a few days, and the decision to attend the 2015 Sanicole International Airshow in Belgium was made. As a bonus, while researching the trip from Vancouver, Canada, I came across the opportunity for an air-to-air photoshoot. How could I refuse? One new camera and two new lenses later…

Looking out the back of the skyvan

Traffic at six O’clock: looking out the back of the skyvan, taking air-to-air shots

DAY 1: Vancouver to Toronto on Air Canada & Toronto to Belgium on Jet Airways

It’s been close to 20 years since I’ve flown business class (never on my own dime), so I was excited to start my trip in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Vancouver (YVR). I work at the airport, so it’s always nice to get a new viewpoint of the apron. I knew I’d be eating non-stop for awhile, so I made do with just a quick coffee and muffin in the lounge, before heading to the gate.

An American Airlines 777-300ER (77W) taxis at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

An American Airlines 777-300ER (77W) taxis at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Update 6:55PM PT: American Airlines has put out a press release on the addition of the LAX-HKG flight starting September 9. The schedule information and flight times are:

  • Departs LAX at 1:55am, and arrives at HKG at 8:10am the next day (subject to regulatory approval)
  • Departs HKG at 8:20pm, and arrives at LAX at 6:40pm

Furthermore, the flight will be operated as part of the joint business venture with Japan Airlines.

Original story appears below:

An eagle-eyed frequent flyer spotted an update to a page on American Airlines’ website, which indicated that the highly-anticipated service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Hong Kong (HKG) will commence on September 7 using the carrier’s flagship Boeing 777-300ER (77W). AirlineReporter confirmed that the webpage had indeed been updated to include the information on HKG, and tweeted out a screenshot of the page in the wee hours: