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A Boeing 747-8F inside the factory in Everett, WA

A Boeing 747-8F inside the factory in Everett, WA

What Is AirlineReporter?

Hello and thank you for checking out our site, where we love to share our passion for aviation, travel and the airline industry. We had no idea when David started in July 2008 that it would grow this large. Our team is made up by both people who work in the business and those who are outsiders, but we are all AvGeeks. What’s an AvGeek, you ask? Here are some stories to check out:

There are many negative voices about the airline business out there and we try to provide the context behind the stories. Many people see airlines as an “evil” business and that flying “is not like it used to be.” AirlineReporter tries to remind folks that flying is still a magical experience and it is not like the way it used to be; in many cases it is better.

You have safer and more comfortable planes, you can fly across the country for just a few hundred bucks, and there are so many more destinations. The airline business is extremely complicated and, of course, things are going to go wrong from time to time, that doesn’t always mean airlines should be hated.

We try to follow the airline industry in a way that is interesting to those who work and/or have an interest in the airline business. We try to keep it simple, exciting, and even throw in a few jokes from time to time. We are lucky to get amazing opportunities and while other media outlets will just report the story, we also try to report what happens behind the scenes and what it is like to be there.

AirlineReporter is based in Seattle, WA, with writers located around the world. We have been on, written for, or quoted on a number of different media sources like CNN, Washington Post, BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Costco Connection, Reuters, CTV (Canada AM), CBC, NPR, Marketplace, FOX, AOL Travel, 9News Australia, Huffington Post, Forbes, APEX magazine, USA Today, KING5, MSNBC (now NBC News), Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Times, Gadling, Alaska Airlines’ Blog, and many other US and international media sources.

We hit a broad audience of aviation fans, frequent fliers, people who work in the airline business, and others in the media that cover aviation. We are proud of the impact we have made with our hundreds  of thousands of readers each month and our strong social media presence, with over 55,000 Twitter followers.


Sitting in the flight deck of a Boeing Business Jet 737-700.

David sitting in the flight deck of a Boeing Business Jet 737-700

David Parker Brown, Editor-in-Chief & Founder
@ARdpb | Flickr | YouTube | Stories Written |

David has been flying since he was a young child – his first flight was when he was six months old, strapped in a baby seat in the back of a Bonanza.  He has been blogging since 1999, before “blog” was a known word and then started with the hope to share his passion for aviation and found out there are many other AvGeeks out there just like him.  All the press coverage the site has received is great, but nothing can beat having William Shatner called him an “aviation expert,” when he did a piece for his Weird of What Show in 2012. He was also excited to have him and his top-hat covered on a story about AvGeeks on CNN.

David works in higher education and helps students to get the best out of their education.  He gets excited when his worlds of education and aviation collide.

Blaine standing on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for ANA.

Blaine on an ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Blaine Nickeson, Associate Editor
@bnickeson | Stories Written |

Blaine is a Denver-based enthusiast of all things airplanes, airlines, and miles.  Due to his family being split on opposite sides of the country, Blaine travelled frequently as a child, falling in love with the flying experience, and has continued to travel ever since.  For AirlineReporter, Blaine edits all content before publishing, assists in story and concept development, and takes every chance he gets to produce original content for the site. When Blaine’s not busy planning his next travel adventure, he spends his time working as a college administrator.  If he can’t be on an airplane, he’d prefer to be on a bicycle or playing with his two toddlers with his wife.

Sitting in the flight deck of a Boeing Business Jet 737-700.

Mal on the flight deck of a Qantas Airbus A380

Malcolm Muir, Managing Correspondent
@BigMalX | BigMal’s World | Photos | Stories Written |

Mal is an Australian AvGeek now living and working in Seattle.  His passion for aircraft has always been evident since his childhood and has grown stronger since.  Combining his loves for photography, aviation, an obsession with loyalty programs, and an ever-growing need to be traveling and somehow mixing all of it into on neat package.  An avid runner means that if you can’t find Mal with a camera in hand by an airfield, he will be more than likely running around or on it.  Working in the travel industry gives an unique perspective to the site, as he helps provide a wealth of knowledge not only on the aircraft, but the on-board product, routes, fares, and even the places to stay on the ground.

Bernie at the Everett Delivery Center

Bernie at the Everett Delivery Center

Bernie Leighton, Managing Correspondent
@PowerToTheThird | Flickr | Stories Written |

Bernie has traveled around the world to learn about, experience, and photograph different types of planes.  Bernie will go anywhere to fly on anything.  He spent four years in Australia learning about how to run an airline, while putting his learning into practice by mileage running around the world.  You can usually find Bernie in his natural habitat: an airport.

JL Johnson ready to write about airlines

JL Johnson ready to write about airlines

JL Johnson, Senior Correspondent
@User47 | | YouTube | Flickr | Instagram | Stories Written |

JL is a twenty-something Senior Business Analyst, semi-frequent traveler, and lover of all things aviation.  He’s based in Lee’s Summit, MO and attributes his love of aviation to his grandfather, a USAF Colonel who had him in “AvGeek training” before he could walk.


We have a team of about 15 writers who contribute their thoughts and passion to AirlineReporter. We are always looking for other people to join our team. You need to be someone who is passionate about aviation, can write well and wants their stories read by a broad audience. If you want to contribute either just one story or become a regular writer, please read this page and then email David at