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Ultimate Airport Dubai Goes Behind The Scenes at DXB

Emirate Airline's Network Control at DXB. Image: Jason Rabinowitz.

Emirate Airline’s Network Control at DXB. Image: Jason Rabinowitz.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is a hugely complex, massive, 24-hour machine. Airplanes land, passengers are exchanged, and airplanes takeoff. What goes on behind the scenes to make this seemingly simple task work, however, is anything but simple. Earlier this year, National Geographic UK took their cameras into the depths of Dubai’s airport, giving the public a rare look at operations at the home airport of Emirates.

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The show aired several months ago in various regions, but never made it to the Americas. What the channel guide hides from us, YouTube reveals – all ten episodes are now streaming in HD for anyone to watch. The first episode of the show starts off quite nicely, focusing on the difficulty of getting passengers with short connections across the gigantic terminal, routine mechanical difficulties, and a scramble to finish up construction of a new wing of the terminal.

While any show of this nature will sometimes go a little overboard with the dramatics, the core substance of the show is quite genuine. Of particular interest, Ultimate Airport Dubai gives a rare look at the migrant workers in the city. Almost all managers at the airport are “expats,” from as far as Australia or the UK, while a great deal of employees from the Indian sub-continent keep the airport moving.

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The first of ten episodes in the series is embedded below, while the other nine can be found here.

    Jason Rabinowitz – Senior Contributor 

Jason is a New York City native who has grown up in the shadow of JFK International Airport. A true "AvGeek", he enjoys plane spotting and photography, as well taking any opportunity he can get to fly on an aircraft.

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