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Classic Eastern Air Lines Boeing 727 Commercial

This classic Eastern Air Lines commercial from the 1960′s (guessing around 1964, since that is when the 727-100 entered service) highlights the Boeing 727 entering service with the airline. They tout it as “being as quiet as a library.” Hmm… I am not sure what library they are hanging out in, but those Boeing 727-100′s without hush kits are not known for their silence. Well, at the time, they were quieter than other jets, but as much as a library? Haaardly.

5 comments to Classic Eastern Air Lines Boeing 727 Commercial

  • Brian Lusk

    David, I think the noise comment referred to cabin noise, especially First Class cabin noise, and they were quiet up front. A seat back next to the engines was a different matter though.

  • I had the unfortunate experience of flying on Northwest’s 727s between Detroit and Phoenix a few times in the early 90s before they were retired. Quiet is not a word I would use to describe the 727, especially the time that I was unfortunately relegated to the very last row in coach, right between the three engines. That many well have been the longest 4 hours of my life.

  • Pete

    Quiet in the 60′s was relative. I rode on a Convair 880 in 1965 and believe me even first class was louder on takeoff than any seat on the 727. At that time it was quiet.

  • Shindig

    Referred to by Eastern as the Whisper Jet, a.k.a. whisperjet.

  • Carl

    Eastern Airlines was a great airline until Mr. Bormann committed professional suicide by giving away the airline to a murderer: Frank Lorenzo!

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