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Great Time Lapse Video of Southwest Airlines Flight From Denver to Burbank

David Achilles, who is an award winning director and editor (not to mention an avgeek) completed a very impressive time lapse video of his recent flight from Denver (DEN) to Burbank (BUR) and back while on Southwest Airlines. Before you get angry at David for having an electronic equipment on during take off and landing — have no worries, he received permission from the Southwest flight crew.

Update: I ran a follow up story on how it is okay to use electronic devices below 10,000 feet with the approval of the airline

7 comments to Great Time Lapse Video of Southwest Airlines Flight From Denver to Burbank

  • Fantastic video. Makes me want to go on a flight just by watching it (or at least wish he’d made videos of more flights!)

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Bryce

    Pretty neat. I’ve always wanted to record one of these myself. I wish the taxiing was played back just a little slower – it seems like the airplane never turns. Nonetheless a very cool video. It always fascinated me to watch how terrain and weather changes from origin to destination.

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    Where do I apply for the permit to break federal law and use electronics during takeoff and landing?

    • I am going into more details on a post tomorrow, but according to the FAA, airlines are able to give passengers permission to use electronic devices below 10,000 feet. In the case of this video, he did receive permission from the airline. No permits needed, just ask.


    • David Achilles

      The flight crew would not have approved my request if the device was wi-fi or cellular capable and/or enabled, or if I was actually ‘rolling’ video. Since this video is a compilation of all still photographs, they allowed me to take photos only during takeoff and landing. -David Achilles

  • James Burke

    Nothing better than a good time lapse video!!

  • Bobbyd

    Where did you get the music?? Brilliant addition to the still photography!

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