This picture of the actual SUD modification performed at Seattle at the FAL, is a scan from KLM's  "Wolkenridder" Magazine.

This picture of the actual SUD modification performed at Seattle at the FAL, is a scan from KLM's "Wolkenridder" Magazine. Click for Larger.

About a month ago, I posted a story about how Boeing converted some Boeing 747-100s and 747-200s to have a stretched upper deck (SUD). After posting the story, reader Peter Evers forwarded me this photo showing the process. It is pretty cool to think that Boeing used to offer this option for customers who wanted to convert their 747-100 or -200s to have the same upperdeck length as a -300/-400.

I figured it was something worth while to share with you folks.

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Gordon Werner

in your original post … someone asked how many were converted …

JAL had two 747SRs converted (msns 23390/23637)
KLM had three 747-200Bs converted (msns 21848, 22376, 22379)
KLM had five 747-200Bs (w/Side Cargo Doors) converted (msns 21550, 21549, 21660, 22380, 21659)
Air France had two 747-200Bs (w/Side Cargo Doors) converted (msns 22515, 22514)

I think those are the only ones …

Peter Evers


-The two mentioned JAL 747SR aircraft are not converted , but factory built with a stretched upperdeck.

Boeing modified 3 full pax KLM 747-206B aircraft and also seven 747-206BC (combi) aircraft. MSN 21110 and 21111 were aso modified and became later again victim of a major modification and both re-appeared as 747-206B(SUD)SF, the first converted “747 special freighter” aircraft with a stretched upperdeck.

-The two mentioned Air France aircraft were modified when still in UTA livery and were later added to the AF fleet.

-In total 12 (10 KLM and 2 UTA) aircraft were modified with a stretched upperdeck

Gordon Werner

thanks … thought I was missing 2 of the KLMs …

didn’t realize the 747SRs were built as SUDs though …

Such a cool process. Thanks for sharing!

jean-j Davidian

I have searched in vain for the boeing brochure (page 30 shown in your article)

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