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A Boeing 777-200 landing in front of a Boeing 787 today at Paine Field

A Boeing 777-200 landing in front of a Boeing 787 today at Paine Field

I took three videos earlier today while watching the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA002 taking off that you might find interesting:

#1:  BOEING 777 LANDS: While the Boeing 787 waited to takeoff, a Boeing 777-200, not yet painted and on a test flight, landed directly in front of it.

#2 BOEING 787 SPOOLS UP: Testing the engines out, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner starts its engines allowing one to hear the jets in action (make sure you have the sound up). Notice how this is quite a bit louder than actual take off and the horizontal stabilizers and wing-tips shaking.

#3 BOEING 787 ZA002 TAKING OFF: What a beautiful day to watch the Dreamliner lift off. From the Future of Flight’s Strato Deck, one can see Mt Baker to the north and Mt Rainier to the south (sorry it is a little jumpy — first time with new tri-pod).

Other great finds:
* Video from Future of Flight of the takeoff
* KIRO 7 has video from their helicopter (I need to get one of those helicopters to video this stuff)
* Update by Guy Norris over at Aviation Week on ZA002’s progress

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Boeing workers around ZA002 before the test flight today.

Boeing workers around ZA002 before th002e test flight today.

ZA002, the second Boeing 787 took to the sky today, showing off its ANA livery. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to this flight, but there were others who saw it first-hand. Check it out if you missed it live:

* Dreamliner taxiing from @jasonpaur
* Take off from Future of Flight
* Aerial view of taxi test and take off from KIRO7
* Ground view of the take off from KING5
* Video of take off from KOMO4
* Head-on while taxiing and in the air with chase plane via @TxAgFlyer
* Overall flight path that ZA002 took via FlightBlogger
* Pictures from the Seattle Times
* Person on the ground taking a photo
* Video after ZA002 landed via KIRO7

ZA002 had some issues with its front landing gear during its first flight today. Check out the Seattle Times for what happened to the gear and about one of the chase planes almost running out of fuel.

Main Picture by @McNeight