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Antonov AN124-100M

Antonov AN124-100M

It was a beautiful winter day on the ramp of the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease (PSM) in Portsmouth, NH.  A handful of us were watching FlightAware and listening to air traffic control on the radio.  Just over the buildings to our left, descending on short final, we caught our first glimpse…

We all watched as one of the world’s largest cargo planes touched down, slowed, and turned to taxi.  As it approached us, the size really became apparent.  This is one big airplane. And I was about to have one big AvGeek experience. 

During a recent trip to Paine Field, an Antonov AN-124 with Volga Dnepr Airlines was blocking the taxi way. A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 (there for maintenance) had to taxi down the runway and turn around before take off. It it is intereting seeing the size difference between the two aircraft.