medalThere is a lot of grumbling (and some good jokes out there) dealing with riding on a modern airliner is like being in a cattle car. Airlines are looking to cut costs and bring in profits at the expense of passenger comfort.

Ryanair normally steals the spot light for crazy ideas, but Spring Airlines takes the cake on this one. They are looking at cutting out seats and putting barstool type seats. It would allow for 40% more passengers and cut costs by 20%.

Spring Airlines gets the first ever MORE CRAZY THAN RYANAIR award for coming up with an idea even crazier than one from Ryanair.

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Let’s all remember that the resaon airlines are doing all these crazy things is that is what consumers want-cheap air fare. You get what you pay for!!!


Ryanair are now in talks with Boeing about redesigning their planes for them to do this too – my money is on Ryanair to do it first as always!!

I can’t wait to fly standby “standing-room only” to lower my ticket price even more.

If your ”standing-room only” experience goes horribly array, will they bury you standing to save money on that too?

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