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The Skydeck would provide views formerly unavailable to commercial air travelers. Image courtesy of Windspeed Technologies.

The SkyDeck would provide views formerly unavailable to commercial air travelers – Image: Windspeed Technologies

By now, some of you might have seen some bit of news concerning Everett, WA-based Windspeed Technologies’ new SkyDeck modification for large passenger aircraft. If you’ve managed to miss it, imagine adding a big fighter-jet cockpit canopy to the top of a jetliner, with a couple of first class seats inside, and you’ve got the idea.

’œI travel a lot,’ Windspeed Technologies President and CEO Shakil Hussain explained to AirlineReporter. ’œI was trying to find ways to reduce the boredom of long fights and realized over the years that the offerings of in-flight entertainment have not changed much you’re watching a movie on a screen or something else while being confined to a relatively tight space. I was once invited into the cockpit of a 747 in flight the view was unbelievable. I thought that if I could design something to allow the public to access such an amazing view, that this could be even better than what the pilots could see.”