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Runners at the CLT Runway 5K Run/Walk. Photo: Rob McKenzie for city of Charlotte.

Runners at the CLT Runway 5K Run/Walk – Photo: Rob McKenzie | City of Charlotte

The vast majority of any given airport’s footprint is dedicated to a region which fills the dreams of many aviation enthusiasts. The appeal of this magical venue (which goes by many names) enchants fans across the full spectrum of “AvGeek.” It’s a stage for incredible photography. It’s where airplanes sleep, where a lucky few get to work, and the general public is almost universally prohibited.

Runners cross the threshold of IAD's 19L. Photo: J. David Buerke for Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Runners cross the threshold of IAD’s 19L – Photo: J. David Buerke | Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

The Aircraft Operations Area (AOA) is sterile and secured, yet something the flying public sees every day. Despite being ubiquitous, few get the chance to experience it first-hand. You can look, but don’t touch. Thankfully, there are exceptions to every rule and we’ve got a list of upcoming events.

Occasionally, airport operators open their gates to the masses, in support of community-engagement events. These rare occasions are an excellent opportunity to connect with aviation officials and fellow enthusiasts. More importantly, they are an excuse for plane lovers to geek out like a preteen on their first visit to Disney World. Grab your telephoto lens and lace up your running shoes, because we’re going for a runway run!