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There is no missing Spirit's new bold yellow livery - Photo: Spirit Airlines

There is no missing Spirit’s new bold yellow livery – Photo: Spirit Airlines

It seems that every airline in the US is in the process in getting a new livery. We had Southwest and Frontier last week and this week we have probably the most bold of a change with Spirit Airlines. Not to mention the horrid look of the new China Eastern livery spotted at Paine Field.

If you thought the new Southwest livery was bold and radical, it has nothing on this taxi-like black and yellow design of the new Spirit look. You should have no problem spotting these Airbus aircraft from a distance.

Notice the "Bare Fare" on the engine nacel - Photo: Spirit Airlines

Notice the “Bare Fare” on the engine nacel – Photo: Spirit Airlines

The first aircraft, in new livery, started services today from Atlantic City (ACY) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL). The airline plans to introduce six more aircraft in the new livery over the next few months. Any new planes delivered will sport the yellow livery, but the rest of the fleet will be updated during their regularly scheduled painting timeframe.

’œThis new livery perfectly matches Spirit Airlines,’ said Ben Baldanza, Spirit’s President and CEO. ’œIt’s radically  different from other airlines, and it’s fun, just like we are. When you see this plane in the air ’“ or on the ground – there will be no question that this is a Spirit plane.’

The airline is really hoping to market their rock-bottom fares with the ability to only pay for what you need. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to educating passengers how to fly them and how their fees work.