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Boeing has been rocking creating their own videos and sharing them with the public on the 747-8 Intercontinental. Yesterday the 747-8I successfully completed high speed taxi tests at Paine Field. During the tests, the 747-8I reached a speed of 90 knots and lifted its front gear off the ground. She could have lifted off, but that will be saved until tomorrow.

Here are some other great 747-8I videos from Boeing:
* 747-8I’s dress rehearsal (03.16.11)
*  Pilots of the 747-8I put it through the gauntlet (03.14.11)
* Start your engines! 747-8 starts engines its for the first time (03.09.11)
* The Intercontinental gets closer to first flight (03.04.11)
* The unveiling of the first 747-8I (02.13.11)

The first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental coming out of the Boeing hangar.

The first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental coming out of the Boeing hangar.

Are you ready? The first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental is scheduled to fly tomorrow, Sunday March 20th at 10am PST.

Yesterday the 747-8I completed its high-speed taxi tests and according to Boeing, it “performed well” and they are confident the aircraft is ready for first flight on Sunday.

The 747-8I is scheduled to take off at 10am PST from Paine Field (KPAE). It will then have a five hour flight before landing at Boeing Field (KBFI) at about 3pm PST. Again, all these times are subject to change due to weather and delays.

If you are in the local area, I hope you can make it out to see this orange beauty either take off or land. If you are unable to, you have quite a few options for watching the events:

* Follow @AirlineReporter, @FlightBlogger, @BoeingAirplanes, @PIBoeing on Twitter (omg what is Twitter?)
* Follow #7478FF hashtag on Twitter
* Boeing will  have a live feed of the take off starting at 9:45am PST