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We have been following the creation of the Continental Blue Skyway livery from the beginning. The voting, the showing, and I was even able to see it first hand while on a layover in Houston.

After seeing my excitement with seeing it in person, Continental Airlines pointed out there was a time-lapse video showing the creation of the special livery.

I know this might be a lot of attention giving to one livery, but I really love special liveries as much as I love retro ones.

Vueling Airlines A320. EC-LAA

Vueling Airlines A320. EC-LAA

Vueling Airlines is  based out of  Barcelona, Spain. It serves 23 destinations and has a fleet of about 35 Airbus A320 aircraft. It was founded in 2004 and flies to major destinations in Spain, Europe and northern Africa. Four aircraft are named after special passengers: ’œEloy Fructuoso’ (the one-millionth passenger), ’œConnie Baraja’ (passenger 2 million), ’œElisenda Masana’ (passenger 5 million) and ’œCarlos Ceacero’ (passenger 10 million).

Image: Xaf