A Condor Boeing 757-300 (D-ABON) in 50th Anniversary Livery

A Condor Boeing 757-300 (D-ABON) in 50th Anniversary Livery

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day!

This Condor livery works perfectly for today. Here is a little big of information on Condor Airlines, whose 50th anniversary livery is shown in the photo:

Condor Airlines was founded in 1955 and is a no-frills airline based in Germany. In 2003 the airline’s name was changed to “Thomas Cook”, but then changed back to it original name in 2004.

The airline has a fleet of just over 30 aircraft, made up of Airbus A320-200’s, Boeing 757-300’s and Boeing 767-300ER’s.

Condor Airlines flies to over 70 destinations on five continents around the world.

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Image: Axel J

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What an interesting name change story. I think Condor Airlines is much better than Thomas Cook. The latter brings to mind an image of a very self absorbed CEO!! Thanks for the interesting post.

Cool story, hope this airline flies again this Valentines Day in 2011!

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