Kulula Air Boeing 737 with a very busy livery

Kulula Air Boeing 737-400 with a very busy livery

Kulula Air is a low-cost airline based out of Johannesburg. The word “Kulula” is Zulu for light, easy, or simple. The airline was founded in 2001 and is owned by Comair, which is a franchisee of British Airways. They have a fleet of two Boeing 737-200’s and four Boeing 737-400’s. and they are known for their creative ads and odd liveries.

There is the very, very busy one in the photo and also a nice camouflage one as well.

Thanks AirlinesAngel for the tip!

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Image: SouthAfrica.to

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Dorothy Franklin

This is really pretty, I like the floral motif and green is such a soothing color!

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