nwdelta_08-12-08-thumb-300x199About 62% of Delta pilots and 87% of Northwest Airline pilots supported the accord for the merger of the two airlines. The Northwest pilots most likely had a higher percentage due to the fact that they are not able to negotiate their current contract until 2011 due to Northwest’s bankruptcy and Delta pilots are currently paid better.

The process of merging pilots of two airlines can be complex. The airlines must merge the seniority lists, and figure which planes pilots will fly.

Source: Star Tribune Image: planephotoman

ryanair_08-09-08-thumb-300x187Ryanair has decided it doesn’t like having so many people fly on their planes. It must feel that in the great economic airline wonderland everyone is in, it can cancel passenger’s tickets and upset a lot of people.

The airlines has stated it will cancel all booking made through third-party vendor sites (ie lastminute.com, v-tours, tui and Opodo). The airline will give refunds to the websites directly and require the websites to be responsible for getting that money back to the customers.

The airline says that it feels it is unfair that these third party sites charge the customer so much more and it wants to save the customers money. However, it is more likely the airline wants customers to purchase hotels, rental cars, packages, etc through its own website.

Personally I have steered clear of using such third-party sites as Expedia or Orbitz, since most of the time the best deals are found at the actual airline’s website. However, some people only use those third party sites and feel they get a good deal (even if they really don’t), so it seems silly to me that if someone is only going to use the third party sites and if Ryanair doesn’t show up on the results, people will just pick another airline.

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nocell_08-07-08-thumb-300x200A recent Department of Transportation survey finds that half of US resident airline travelers say they would be ok with having cell phones allowed on airlines flights, even if we knew they do not interact negatively with the plane’s electronics.

Really? I mean I have two cell phones (on a Palm) and a laptop that can connect to the internet pretty much anywhere. I love being connected. I would love to have the internet on airplanes, but please oh please do not allow phones. Do people really need to talk on a phone that bad? Can people not wait a few hours? Should planes maybe have a talking and non-talking sections?

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jetblue_8-6-08-thumb-300x225At first thinking of paying $7 for that itchy, too small blanket and a lumpy pillow that has had who knows how many heads on it seemed like a bad deal. However you will get a higher quality pillow and blanket (says JetBlue) and you will be able to keep it.

Yes, it seems as though it is another ploy to bring in more money (I just hope they don’t lower the cabin temperature to bring up sales) even though they sell it as trying to provide an “upgrade” for customers.

Even though these sorts of things might seem silly for customers, it is working. JetBlue plans to bring in about $60million from customers willing to pay for some of these extras. So really who can blame the airlines if this stuff is working?


Source: WSJ Post Image: spakletoe