Getting through airport security can be a real hassle. A lot of people wonder is it really providing true security or is it just a show? For those on the Watch List, it can be even more difficult having to be searched every time they fly. Most people have pointed the finger at the TSA and there have been quite a few news articles showing some of the people on the list who have no place there.

Now the TSA is blaming the airlines for not investing into watching the list and making sure it is accurate. However the government has already stated they plan to take over the system early next year, so what incentive is there in airlines improving their systems and if the Watch List is so important to Homeland Security, should the airlines been in charge to begin with? 

Source: Image: Tigerpaw511

This is hopefully the start of something great. I have always loved following the airline industry and I look forward to reporting on it. There are quite a few other great airline blogs out there, but I felt there is enough room for a blog that can cater not only to the professional, but to a person who has an interest in the industry.

I hope you enjoy this blog!