sw_10-12-08-thumb-400x533Not quite a surprise that alcohol was involved in this, but 29-year-old Ezra Wallace decided the two girls sitting next to him, ages 9 and 16, need to get their hands bound with athletic tape.

Wallace stated that, “he had half a pint of vodka, including two shots, just before boarding the plane.” He continues stating that he vaguely remembers tying their hands and it was all in “good fun.”

One of the flight attendants noticed his odd behavior and moved the two girls (whom Wallace did not know) to another aisle. It took action from the girl’s mother to prompt an investigation.

Source: AP Image: Neil1960

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No Porn in the Friendly Skies
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John w

i know this is old…but im left with so many questions…. like was he doing it as a game or were the girls hitting eachother and it annoyed him so drunk him found a solution? i find that more likely than the bad act the media has conditioned us to jump to if we hear about a man and a girl. I have little doubt thats what was going through the mothers head. Hes obviously going to tie them up and run away with them to do unspeakable things… cept the “but were on an airplane, that wont work/its unlikely hes that stupid” part probably never got processed. if the author is reading this still: thanks for doing a good job of leaving the spin out.

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