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Thanks. A nice review of an antique product. Although I’ve never been a fan of UA and avid them when possible, they have clearly invested heavily in their Polaris food service. I always get a kick out of viewing the ‘food porn’ pix. In this case, I’m still LMAO over the soup shot; I think this is the ONLY flying bowl of soup that does not display what we call Soup Slop, the obvious evidence that the soup has sloshed around in the bowl. It cannot be helped, does not damage the soup and has become a running joke with some of my flying/dining friends. I’ll make a note that the only difference in the food between FC and BC is the soup – can save a lot of money!
Finally, I must also agree that the wine list leaves a lot to be desired. When the 744s are finally retired – it won’t be long – I wonder what AC they will use on the SFO-LHR route. (I will not be on it – just wondering…) Frankly, for international long haul, I avoid the legacy domestic carriers at all cost. I good, reliable foreign flag carrier is always a better choice. To LHR, that probably means BA. Nice review, even without Sup Slop .

Interesting point on the soup, cook! Just as an FYI, this comment was posted on the page for this photo only. You are welcome to post it on the page for the main article as well, so that others can read your thoughts.

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