Boeing’s latest addition to the 737 MAX lineup at its debut at the Renton assembly plant

Boeing’s revamped 737 lineup has gained even more forward momentum as the second iteration of the MAX series made a rainy-day debut this morning at Boeing’s Renton, Wash., assembly plant.

With a maximum capacity of 220 passengers (in a very tight configuration) and a range of 3,515 nautical miles, the new single-aisle plane is roughly nine feet longer than the 737 MAX 8, which is expected to receive FAA certification in advance of its commercial debut in the coming months.

In a standard two-class configuration, the MAX 9 can accommodate 178 passengers vs. the MAX 8’s 162, and both have the same 3,515NM range. 

System checks, fueling, and engine runs are up next, and the inaugural test flight is expected to happen in just a few weeks. 

Boeing also officially announced the even stretchier 737 MAX 10X this week (see the below charts for comparisons of the different models).

Boeing spokesman Adam Tischler said the new plane is aimed squarely at the center of the market and was designed to help improve airlines’ bottom lines by reducing per-mile costs.

The new engines still feature the 737’s characteristic flat-bottomed engine nacelles for ground clearance

’œIf you start marketing by saying things like ’˜well, you can’t get this thing to Machu Picchu in the summertime,’ you’re working at the edges of the envelope. We cover the vast majority of routes and airports,’ Tischler said, adding that the new plane was ’œa scheduler’s dream’ based on the flexibility it offers to airlines.

EDITOR-AT-LARGE / DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - SEATTLE, WA Francis Zera is a Seattle-based architectural, aerial, aviation, and commercial photographer, a freelance photojournalist, and a confirmed AvGeek.

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Nice Post Francis! I especially like the wonderful photos you take every time.

I too am a huge fan of Boeing and not simply because I live in the Northwest. They make great airplanes! Given the nature of this post I have to wonder how many AR staff are on Boeing’s payroll. Of course, I’ve also flown on ‘the competition’s’ similar aircraft that are often well priced. Boeing’s prices reflect development and production costs and a small profit margin, especially for the 737 series. IMO, very honest costs. Can the competition make that claim?
To be clear, many pilots enjoy driving the FBW gizmos produced by the other company. However, those with significant time on both brands tend toward Mr. Bill Boeing’s airplanes when given a choice. Perhaps the most scathing pilot’s comment ever heard, is: “Is it a computer game that can fly, or is it a real airplane?” There IS a difference and most real pilots prefer Boeing products. Even the 777 and 748, which are largely FBW machines, still allow pilots to fly by hand if necessary or desired. Ha!! try that with a friggin’ joy stick and two extra computers that do not understand basic flying. Where choices are offered, I stay with Mr. Bill’s products, the word’s best. Nuff said.

Scott Z

I think it’s safe to say, unless there is a disclosure there isn’t anyone here “on Boeing’s payroll.” This site is probably really needs to be re-branded because it’s more than just reporting. It’s about the love of aviation. Plane and simple (yes I used plane on purpose). Mr. David Parker Brown has put his heart and soul into having a site where others who dare to dream the dream, just as he does can come and do so. Some of us have even contributed to the site inadvertently when we share something with David. Some contributors on here are first-timers others are well versed and connected. I believe most everyone here has another “job” that pays the bill. I know I do. I wish I could write about planes and make my salary but I doubt that will happen. There have been articles about Airbus. Just this year:

Flying on Bubbles Upper Class on a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600
PHOTOS: Airbus Beluga XL Becoming a Reality
Jason Watches the Airbus A350-1000 Fly for the First Time

Go up to the search field and type in Airbus and you will get many more. It just so happens, I think, that a lot of us on this site do love Boeing. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like Airbus as well. I think they make a nice plane. I surely want to fly on an A380 just to experience it. I’ve logged thousands of miles on NWA now Delta’s A330’s and never had a complaint. I am NOT a pilot so I don’t have a logically based argument against their “Laws” of flight, but I prefer how Boeing operates their aircraft.

If you have ever been to Aviation Geek Fest (there should be a link for pics up top somewhere) you would understand as well. Boeing seems never to say no to this group. David has been able to give some of us a once in a lifetime experience to get up close and personal at Boeing.

But in the end, this site is about the love of planes. So heck take a shot at it. If there is something you love and want to share, write it down and send it in. We might be reading and commenting on it next!

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