C-GHPQ, Air Canada's first 787-8 on the ramp at KPAE. Photo - Bernie Leighton

C-GHPQ, Air Canada’s first 787-8 on the ramp at KPAE. Photo – Bernie Leighton

I was up over PAE this morning, going hunting. Look at this wonderful new aircraft for Air Canada. Best looking 787 yet in my opinion.

The Montreal-based airline should be taking delivery of this frame some time next month. 


CONTRIBUTOR - SEATTLE, WA. Bernie has traveled around the world to learn about, experience, and photograph different types of planes. He will go anywhere to fly on anything. He spent four years in Australia learning about how to run an airline, while putting his learning into practice by mileage running around the world. You can usually find Bernie in his natural habitat: an airport. Email: bernie@airlinereporter.com.

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I agree the AC livery is superb but the cabin service is at best decent and too often atrocious. I avoid ’em if I can and I’m Canadian and once an elite Aeroplan member.



Agreed Martin. AC’s attitude is typically Canadian – as long as we’re marginally ahead of the US we’re doing fine. No need to compete at a world standard. We’ll see if that changes as more Asian carriers start to service Canada.

Tall poppy syndrome! Thanks for the very smart response.

My comment was particularly influenced my a flight HNL-YVR which was appalling and exacerbated by a dreadful staff. We’d even paid for upgraded seats and a meal (cold roll!). We’d transferred from an Aussie budget airline, JetStar, who were excellent – friendly, modern, young and attentive staff, and nice hot meals plus a decent wine selection. In Aus Quantas continues to be excellent in the air and very competitively priced.

While I don’t travel on business these days, semi-retired, over the past while I’ve also traveled on (all economy):
– CanJet – surprisingly pretty decent
– South African – phenomenal
– Cathay Pacific – still my favourite economy

Were you riding in a helicopter?

It’d be better if the fuselage didn’t have “Bernie Leighton” ghosted on it!

Sorry, BL, I couldn’t resist!

Mike H.

Ah well Mike, I don’t disagree- just sometimes you have to protect your copyright.

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I totally agree, it´s a beauty.

Mr Robert Donnelly

Wow! This 788 looks really good in AC livery. Cannot wait to see a 789. As far as in-cabin service is concerned, we have had far more good to great flights on AC than anything less. Maybe ’cause we believe they are doing the best they can with what ACA gives them; in terms of staffing, support, equipment, maintenance of IVOD and food service. PLUS, we fly econ-cheapo all the time!

King F. Hui

This photo is now used by Air Canada.

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