You may have seen photos and videos that have been shot using the “tilt-shift” technique. It’s either done mechanically, using a lens that actually moves, or by using digital processing software. When it’s used, the image looks like a miniature scene.

The folks at Frankfurt Airport just released the above video, which AvGeeks will no doubt enjoy. Not only is it done in tilt-shift, but also in time-lapse.

Now, can you tell the difference between FRA and the Knuffingen Airport, which is part of the Hamburg Miniature World?  It looks amazing, here’s the video:


As a true AvGeek, I think I could spend way to much time at both airports!  How about you?

Howard Slutsken, Correspondent. Howard has been an AvGeek since he was a kid, watching TCA Super Connies, Viscounts and early jets at Montreal’s Dorval Airport. He’s a pilot who loves to fly gliders and pretty well anything else with wings. Howard is based in Vancouver, BC.  @HowardSlutsken

CORRESPONDENT - VANCOUVER, BC. Howard's lifelong passion for aviation began when he was a kid, watching TCA Super Connies, Viscounts, and early jets at Montreal's Dorval Airport. Heâ€s based in Vancouver, BC, so when Howard isnâ€t writing, heâ€s probably plane-spotting at YVR, PAE, BFI or SEA.
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Great videos. Nice finds. I stumbled upon this website a couple weeks ago and its the first website I check out on my daily website checks. Keep up the great work.


I may be the only one in the world but I do not like CGI. It’s just cartoons to me and if I am watching a film, I want to see actual film of something, not a cartoon. The ”tilt-shift” video of Frankfurt Airport simply turns real footage into something that looks like cartoons. Perhaps the point is for art sake but if I wanted to look at paintings, drawings or cartoons of airports and airplanes I would. I appreciate the Knuffingen Airport model airport and enjoy it for what it is, but why make a real airport look like that?


Maineguy, I agree. Star Wars of the 80’s looked a lot better than the CGI Star Wars of the 2000’s. Avatar looked like a cartoon. The only exception is Gollum from LOTR. He looked real!

Well, the Germans are known for their efficiency. Great video!

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