CS100 Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) during fuel flow testing

CS100 Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) during fuel flow testing. Photo: Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier just announced that the first flight of the CS100 Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) has been delayed by a month to the end of July.

FTV1 still needs to do power runs, and low and high speed taxiing.  As well, in their press release this morning, Bombardier says they’ve “extended the timeline slightly to allow for additional software upgrades for improved system maturity and functionality.”

Bombardier only applied yesterday to Transport Canada for FTV1’s Flight Test Permit, so perhaps the delay isn’t surprising.

We’ll continue to follow the story…

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Giles Farrell

Is it true that the FTV1 had some serious issues with leaking fuel tanks? Rumors are circulating that the fuel tanks were leaking very badly during the first fueling exercise.

Howard Slutsken

Hi Giles – I hadn’t heard the rumours about fuel tank issues. However, Jon Ostrower (@jonostrower) just tweeted that FTV1 may have been running it’s APU today. Hopefully everything is in order and FTV1 will fly by the end of July.

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