The sky is the limit when designing your own 747-8I. Design by Toby Rao, Image from Boeing.

The sky is the limit when designing your own 747-8I. Design by Toby Rao, Image from Boeing.

When going to buy a Boeing 747-8 Intercontiental, one of the most difficult decisions is choosing the outside design. Well, have no fear, help is here (and also a huge time waster). Boeing now offers AvGeeks the ability to design your own 7478I livery.

Even when you get bored making your own liveries, be sure to check out the few hundred that have already been made. Some are actually really good and others are, well… have opportunity for improvement (any of the ones we tried surely have TONS of room for improvement, so we are not ones to judge).

Interestingly enough, if you look at the first design in the gallery, it is an Air China 747-8I. The airline has five on order, which none have been delivered quite yet. Maybe this provides a nice preview for the airline?

Previously, users were also able to design their own Boeing 787 Dreamliner livery, but it looks like that page has been replaced with making the Intercontinetal. Good luck and have fun! If you can, be sure to share your results.

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What a hoot! And for a graphics novice, this routine will consume a LOT of one’s ‘valuable’ time. I’ll save this for a seriously rainy day…

I love it. We’re quickly running out of interesting and/or inspired liveries. Good option to cook up the “what if?” liveries. Wouldn’t mind seeing the old Midwest Express livery on one of these beauties.

Give it a shot šŸ™‚


P vd Putt

I like it

I cannot it said only I can make a 777X please help me!


I think Boeing changed the designable aircraft to the Boeing 777x now

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