Boeing, the Future of Flight and AirlineReporter.com are proud to share details on Aviation Geek Fest 2013 (#AGF13)…


All tickets will be first come, first serve. There are 150 tickets (for each of the main events) up for grabs, so quite a few folks will be able to enjoy the #AGF13 experience. Yes, if you click on the links right now, it will show invalid, but the links will work when the tickets go on sale.

The event will run a bit differently this year.Β One person can do everything and you do not have to pick and choose.

Please check out this page for all the Aviation Geek Fest updatesΒ (I don’t want to have to update multiple pages).

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Totally jealous. I hope I can make it sometime in the future!

Isaac Alexander

Fantastic David! Thank you. Big score for the Saturday event! I unfortunately can’t make it to that event this year but there’s always 2014.

Quick question. In previous years, the Everett Factory tour has been one bus over. Is that still the case this year?

Hoping too you could pull a rabbit out of your hat for a guest speaker. Really enjoyed the previous two speakers that have come. If not, no worries as that will make for plenty of time to talk with other people attending. πŸ™‚

Still working on a possible speaker, but those who we have reached out to are not avail.

For the factory floor tour, we will meet at the Future of Flight and be bused to the factory — just like your standard factory tour.


Isaac Alexander

So more then the single bus as 150 people on one bus wouldn’t be too comfortable. πŸ˜‰ Thanks David

We are leaving Oslo on thursday, really looking forward to this event!!! Hopefully er will be able to ordet tickets. πŸ™‚

Does the $20 for the Renton tour on Saturday include admission to the Museum of Flight? If so, I’d probably go out there plenty early that morning since I have never been. Thanks for arranging this, David!

Re-posted answer above, but the $20 just covers the 737 tour. We are working with the MoF on other special options for #AGF13 guests :).


Isaac Alexander

Northwest Scale Model Show is taking place that weekend at the Museum of Flight.

Looking forward to it! It’s going to be awesome.

This is awesome. I’m on reserve…but if I don’t fly, I’m there!

Why not just fly here? πŸ™‚ I wold love to see an A330 land at KPAE. Not sure if Boeing would though.


Lol. I would love to. I have to laugh at the image of the Airbus landing in Boeing country. Like the new kid on the block that nobody likes. lol.

Well, if Allegiant starts flying into KPAE, they could put one of their new (to them) A319s or A320s and then we would have an airbus coming and going.


Are there any age restrictions for the various tours/are kids welcome on all of them?

Really great question and I forgot to put that on the post (it is not updated). Kids must be 12 years or older to take the Boeing tours.


David, how many tickets can I buy in one transaction? One? Two? Three?…

Thank you!

It will be limited to five MAX tickets per person. No re-selling on ebay πŸ™‚


Matt Baillie

Well, I know where I’ll be tomorrow at 13:59 EST.

Shams Shaik

Did we put the cart before the horse — Airline tickets — booked, Room in Hilton Garden Inn — booked, Rental Car — booked, AGF13 Tickets ??
Question; Will there be a Welcome Party at the Hilton on Friday night

Nothing planned as of yet, but I am sure there will be some unofficial #AvGeek gathering of sorts! I will be sure to let people know.


John Anderson

Hi David, you mentioned no camera’s. Of course this applies to the factory tour but Boeing allowed camera’s on the Dreamliner Gallery tour last year. Is this the same, or no camera’s for all tours? Always seeking the honest photo op, and thank you so much for organizing this for us.

I am checking to find that out — stay tuned.


Cameras WILL be allowed for the Dreamliner Gallery tour! Just not the Boeing factory tours.


John Anderson

Awesome!!! Thanks David

When do tickets go on sale?

SOrry now I see it in the headline – ignore! πŸ™‚

Isaac Alexander

Speaking of camera’s, David, is it possible that we can have group photos of all the big events? It’s great we’ve had group photos every year in the Everett Factory, but would love to see group photos of the Dreamliner Gallery and Renton Factory as well. Of course a good one at Future of Flight wouldn’t be bad either.

Isaac Alexander

Oh just so everyone knows, during the weekend of Aviation Geek Fest at the Museum of Flight, is the Northwest Scale Model Show.

This event is separate from AGF13 but I believe it sure does fit into what our event is about. πŸ™‚

Got tickets! pumped!

Hotel booked, tickets purchased, looking forward to 2 days of fun and excitement! πŸ˜€

Phew. Buying the tickets was like running the gauntlet. But at least I have them now!

Very pumped for the event. Just wish I could go on the Saturday…

Yea. I was really sad b/c so few people that I knew had tickets during the first round. But now everyone is able to get their tickets!


Thankfully it all ended well (for me), and I’m crossing my fingers that everyone that wants to go is able to get a ticket.

David, thanks again for organizing the event. I’m really looking forward to it.

Have my tickets!!!! I look forward to seeing you all there!

Thanks David for continuing to make this happen!

See you in Seattle!! Excited.

Aussie here so jealous of everyone going – have fun everyone. When is the next one planned, I will have to make the trip, the itinerary looks so awesome

Isaac Alexander

Saz, David has set it up now that Aviation Geek Fest will take place on Presidents Day Weekend(USA) in February. That’s usually the 2nd or 3rd full week of the month. Really would love to see more international people attending in the future. Makes the event all the more fun.

Can’t believe I was able to get two tickets! Just booked the Hilton and a rental car and even decided to splurge and buy a confirmed ticket rather than try to non-rev ATL-SEA. Geek Fest here we come!

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