Batavia Air Airbus A320 in the airline's newest livery. Image by Christian Volpati / Wikipedia.

Batavia Air Airbus A320 in the airline’s newest livery. Image by Christian Volpati / Wikipedia.

Batavia Air is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and was founded in 2002. The airline mostly operates flights with-in Indonesia, but also to China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Timor-Leste.

The airline is in the process of upgrading their fleet. Right now they have a mixture of over 30 aircraft including the Airbus A320, A321, A330, Boeing 737-300, 737-400 and a 737-500.

Their newest livery is a nice combination with a front white fuselage, but colored tail. Their previously livery looks familiar, with a bit more white, but with the aircraft type clearly labeled on the side. However, nothing is quite as classic as their original livery with a double cheatline.

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Actually the colors are orange, white, and blue.

I’ve been on board Batavia Air 737 classic from Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang. The seats are so cramped it touches your knees, and my eyes gets tired of “all orange and blue” interior. BTW Sriwijaya’s new livery seems better.

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