Terry Kraabel took this photo of an Air France jet landing at the Saint Marteen airport in the Caribbean. This beach is just shy of the airport, making it appear as though the plane is about to land on it. Kraabel took the photo from an airport restaurant.

Terry Kraabel took this photo of an Air France jet landing at the Saint Marteen airport in the Caribbean.

I grew up reading Airways Magazine (and still do today) and it probably helped to inspire me to start my blog. This January they are doing something pretty epic and you should join them.

From January 12-19th, 2013, Airways will be hosting a Caribbean Cruise for AvGeeks. The trip includes a full day stop in St. Maarten, which is probably one of the world’s best plane spotting locations.

A Corsair Boeing 747-400 lands at St. Maarten. Image by Chris Sloan / Airchive.com.

A Corsair Boeing 747-400 lands at St. Maarten. Image by Chris Sloan / Airchive.com.

The cruise will leave from San Juan and travel to Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Thomas and of course Saint Maarten. With tickets starting at $749 (per person), it is hard to pass up.

I am not fully sure what if my schedule will allow me to attend at this point, but you better believe I will be trying my best to make the journey. If you decided to make the trip, be sure to tell them that AirlineReporter.com sent you. Hope to see you there.

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Kenneth Holland

I’ve never been on a cruise. I think this would be a perfect time to go! 🙂

Brian Lusk

Oh you are making me feel old: “I grew up reading Airways Magazine.” I started writing for John Wegg at Airways, the first year he published it, and before that Airliners, when he was their editor. Now, I’m gonna either try to find some botox or just give up.

Haha. It is all comparative right? I did not realize you started with Airways.

Gotta embrace your age and wisdom. Of course I am saying that at 31, but working with 18-23yr olds with my “real” job, I am constantly feeling old.


Thanks for the shout out David!

I am growing up reading Airways Magazine, but now, I am run their twitter account!

I am glad to help out Jack! I hope it is successful and that I will be joining in on the fun.


Airways: excellent magazine. My Favorite part was Captain Rick Drury’s column.

Jack Harty

I am glad to hear that you like the magazine! I will pass your comment along!

RH Hastings

How can one, “leave from from San Juan and travel to Puerto Rico,” when you’re already there?

Peter Darby

This should be a great Cruise – great port calls and after many years of seeing those amazingly crazy YouTube/Video clips of 747s landing in St Maartin, we finally get to see it ourselves! There was a great short article in Airways a few years back about the beach and the small outdoor bar and surf board with the daily schedules of flights. See you all in January

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Always my favorite airways.

Darren Stevens

Been to Maho a couple times. I enjoy going there. The last time I went there in 2016 as a brief stop from the cruise ship, I popped in the Dunes casino and spent $20 on a 75c max bet slot machine and won a $2500 USD jackpot.

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