I know, I know — two video posts in a row. Not something I normally do, but British Airways is doing some pretty cool stuff right now, that I want to share. It involves a Boeing 777 in places you wouldn’t expect. The video above was posted a few days ago from what I suspect is a “fake” account operated by the airline.

It is not something you would expect and made me wonder what was up — which was probably the point of the video. As expected, British Airways had a game plan.

You might know about this little event where people get together every four years and compete against each other in a number of different sporting events — you might know it as “the Olympics.” You also might have heard that the 2012 Olympics will be held in London. You also might know that British Airways is based in London. The airline is looking to build motivation and support for the Olympic and Paralympic games with this unique ad campaign.

Frank van der Post, British Airways managing director of brands and customer experience, explained to AirlineReporter.com: “We’re rallying the country to get behind Team GB and ParalympicsGB to capitalise on home advantage. Whether it’s delaying your summer holiday, finding where to get behind the country with our ‘best sports bars abroad’ guide, or cheering them on at Park Live at the Olympic Park ’“ we are encouraging  every extra clap, cheer and whoop we can get.”

The ad below is the most recent one that comes directly from the airline and is pretty freak’n cool. Who doesn’t like seeing a Boeing 777 driving through London? Well, if it really happened, there might be a few people who wouldn’t be so thrilled, but in a video, it is quite epic.

British Airways also made a third video, highlighting why this idea of “home advantage” is so important to London and the thinking behind the ad concept (notice the British Airways Boeing 787 model in the background of some of the shots).

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A really cool ad, if you feed in your UK postcode it shows you a glimpse of your house during the ad, very clever. I’m not sure it’ll work with a USA zip code though (I guess it might as it’s tied in with Google Street View).

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