It will cost you more to bring your carry-ons on your next Allegiant flight. Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren.

It will cost you more to bring your carry-ons on your next Allegiant flight. Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren.

Allegiant Air has stated that they will start charging for carry-on bags starting Wednesday, April 4th — and no, this is not an April Fools’ joke.

“Allegiant will begin charging for carry-ons for travelers booking new reservations beginning Wednesday (it will go live on our website late Tuesday night PDT),” Jessica Wheeler, Public Relations Manager for Allegiant confirmed to

Although the airline has not publicly announced the changes, they sent an internal memo to employes. Passengers will be allowed one free personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop), but anything larger will require the carry-on bag fee. Paying for the carry-on at the airport will run you $35, but buying online will save you some money. Allegiant has not confirmed how much the fee will cost if purchased in advance, but inside sources have explained that they expect it to be between $14.99-29.99 — which matches Allegiant’s checked bag fees. The difference in price is route specific and depends on the length of the flight flown.

From Allegiant, this shows how much your bags will cost on upcoming flights.

From Allegiant, this shows how much your bags will cost on upcoming flights. Yes, it is a bit blurry -- you don't need glasses. Image from Allegiant.

This is not a huge surprise, since Allegiant has previously stated that they were considering charging for carry-ons. With the success of Spirit Airline’s carry on fees (Spirit s the only other US-based airline charging for carry-ons), this seemed to be just a matter of time.

Allegiant, based in Las Vegas, is an ultra low cost airline that offers cheap, basic fares and then charge for additional services like seat reservations, boarding order, food and drinks and now carry-ons. This type of ala-cart pricing has been quite controversial, but does allow people traveling light, to travel cheap.

The model of ala-cart pricing and providing additional travel options (hotel, rental cars, etc) has worked out well for Allegiant — they were one of the most profitable airlines in 2011.

Passengers seem to complain about this type of pricing, yet they keep buying tickets. Why wouldn’t airlines look at additional revenue sources like this when they appear to work? If you don’t agree with an airline’s policies, show them with your wallet. Let the complaining begin…

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The carry-on fee that you starting to charge is just one more way to dig into the people that ride on your airline. Yes they keep buying tickets but you might be surprized when one day you have sell ALL of your planes because you don’t have enough people riding on them.

You can be sure that I will be one person that will not ride on your
airline & I will tell everyone I know not buy tickets on your airline.


But what if your ticket price, even with all the fees added on, is still cheaper than other airlines? Is it a financial thing or just the idea of it?


I travel this air line on Casino packages to Wendover, Nv, I will no longer be taking these Wendover Casino trips


It looks like Allegiant is the only airline that flies to Wendover. Does that mean no more trips ever?


Adding carry on fees means lower base fares.

David Amon

What’s next. You can come up with another Fee somewhere, how about the air on the plane. Fee is just another three letter word for TAX. How about a FEE added to the ticket anything above $ 50.00 or a Fee for just walking pass Allegiant ticket booth. we are being FEE to death.


No David – fee is not another word for tax. Tax is money that goes to the government. Fee is money that adds to the airline’s profitability. Are you home schooled or did you just not pay attention in class?

Mark C. (OKC)

With fuel prices climbing and it looks like it’s going to keep climbing for the summer, I’m sure Allegiant had been looking every which way to ensure they keep their airline in the black. There is only so much that can be done to make a profit these days and unless the fuel prices come down soon, you’ll see more and more airlines doing this same thing I believe. No one is happy about this, not even Allegiant I bet…. it’s a risk they have to take. Thanks for the alert, David.

Great comment Mark. I think most people forget that airlines are profit seeking businesses and unfortunately, many don’t get to see much of that profit. Allegiant has watched as Spirit has made good money on their carry-on fees, so why not give it a shot?


Mark C. (OKC)

Now Pinnacle Airlines is an airline people should get unhappy with…..they been complaining about large overhead costs for months… cut pilots salary by 5% in January, gave it’s top exec’s a huge raise in February and filed Chapter 11 yesterday. Not a good week for airline news so far.

It was only a matter of time. Allegiant and Spirit are in the same group (ULCCs) so to see one mimic the other’s offerings (albeit with a completely opposite fleet strategy) is far from surprising.


The bag fare for the overhead fee will start out at $15 at time of ticket purchase. If the passenger decides not to purchase a bag then it will go up to $35 when they check in just for an overhead bag that they carry on themselves. For a bag that they desire the airline to take care of they will have to pay $20 at time of purchase, per leg, or $40 last minute. This is $5 dollars more then it used to be. Also passengers used to be able to check in a bag with a weight limit of 50lbs this is going down to 40lbs on the 4th of April, so they will be paying more for less weight.

If G4 is looking to reduce the number of carry-ons to speed up boarding time, it would seem to make more sense to offer check-in bags at $5 cheaper than carry-ons.


This only applies for new reservations correct? My boyfriend and I scheduled a flight last month that takes off the morning of Wednesday the 4th (returning Sunday the 15th), and I’m really concerned that this will affect us in some way.


That is correct. This is only for NEW reservations starting Wed the 4th. You should not have to pay if you already have your reservations.


jerry kutil

Ihave had tickets for two months… Can they charge me for carry ons??????????


You will not have to pay. The new fees are for new reservations.



If this applies to existing reservations, we’ll never use Allegiant again, ever.


This only applies to new reservations starting April 4th.


I’ve used Allegiant to VA from FL and back probably 10 times in the past 6 months. Sometimes the fares are very cheap, but half the time I could catch Airtran for the same price. I just liked using the smaller airports. From now on I will use Airtran regardless. As a consumer, I’m tired of getting screwed every time I turn around for more money. More fees. $4/gallon gasoline. Insurance premium increases. Thanks Allegiant! You lost a very regular and devout customer because of your greed. You won’t last too long anyways.

Hate to break it to you Joey, but AirTran will soon be no longer — they were bought by Southwest Airlines. The good news is that Southwest does not charge for carry-ons, nor do they charge for checked bags.


The good news is that WN doesn’t charge for checked or carry on bags. The bad news is that their revenue management strategy is such that you can expect massive price increases compared to Airtran independently. In fact, prices have been continuously going up ever since the merger…

I have Allegent reservations,cnvermed for April 20th.
Will I be charged this new fee?

You will not be charged. The new fee starts for new reservations on April 4th.


This airline just came to Salisbury and I had high hopes of using it, but now I will not just to protest this. How can you call it a low cost airline and add fees like this. I think we call it a bait and switch!!!! By the way at least Airtran has the some of the highest customer service ratings in the business.

Hey Chris,

Most companies offer the lowest price and then things added on end up costing more. What if you pay a higher airfare on another airline and don’t have any bags and don’t want to buy anything on the plane? Your ticket includes those, even though you do not use them. Allegiant allows you to pick and choose what you pay for.


People have the choice to check their luggage, and also have the choice to not check luggage if they want to save money. I have always carried my stuff so I don’t have to pay the fee. I am a regular flyer on Allegiant between Las Vegas and Rapid City, so I have learned ways of saving money by not paying for things that are not required. I could pay extra to reserve a seat, but I choose not to, I could pay extra to have a drink, snack, or meal, but I choose not to. The list goes on and on. I now will leave clothing in both cities so I do not have to pay the extra fees. This is my choice. If I don’t like it then I can pay the fee, or I can fly on another airline and pay an extra $200 and take two checked bags, two carry-ons, sit in the seat I choose, and get as many free cans of soda and peanuts as I can eat in a 2 hour flight. I think the choice is clear.

Mark C. (OKC)

Wow…. I didn’t think a reasonable passenger existed around here. Thanks Jay for showing how it’s done the “right” way if you want to save money.

Let the flogging continue……

Over the past 8 years, my family (8 people total) have flown at least 3 times a year on Allegiant for the low fares. We will NOT be flying Allegiant after the carry-on fee is instituted!! Would cost us an additional $1680 a year. I hope enough people complain to get it cancelled.


That does add up quick for someone who has so many people. It will be interesting to see if other airlines will provide a cheaper overall fare for you.


I like that Spirit is smart enough to fly out of “Willie” AKA Williams Gateway. Too bad other than Allegiant our Airline isn’t that smart!!! Great Weather,Location and we the popultion to support A TOP 10 Airline!!!! Whats it gonna take NEW YORK to get through to YUUZ GUYS? LOL!!!

Mike M

I am NOT a fan of the “UPSELL! UPSELL! UPSELL!”, or as they prefer “ala-cart”, pricing strategy, whether it’s at a restaurant, amusement park, airline, or otherwise. I almost lost it when I saw Allegiant’s checked bag fees when we booked our trip from Gary, IN to Orlando in a few weeks. The only thing that kept me with them is the fact that it was still cheaper than Southwest at the time. Now add on the carry-on fee and I’m not so sure Allegiant would win.

Knowledge is the key here. Know what you are getting into before clicking buy. Now that I’m aware of the philosophy of the ULCC’s I will never again be fooled by the initial fare. If all the add-ons I wish to purchase still come up to less than the other airlines, Allegiant will get my business. If it becomes them nickel and diming the fare to the same or more of a fare I will gladly go elsewhere.


Your statement says it all, “The only thing that kept me with them is the fact that it was still cheaper than Southwest at the time.”

Most times, when it comes down to it, the ultra low cost carriers win out on price and people will continue to fly them.


N j Pearson

The carryon I have will fit under the seat .. It accommodates my iPad small purse and medication. It is like a shopping bad on wheels. Will there be a charge for ‘carry on’?

If your carry-on fits the requirements shown in the image above — you are golden.



This is a way the airline can increase their profit without having to pay the government. If they raised their fare these are taxed. By calling it a fee, it goes in their pocket. Nickles and dimes all the way to the bank.

“I won’t ever fly Allegiant again because they are going to charge me for carry-on bags!”

That sounds like a great strategy until you realize that flying another airline that doesn’t charge for a carry-on is going to cost you much more than flying on Allegiant. Do you people know how to do math? Do you think before you speak, or do you just not have any common sense? Do you really want to pay more money to another airline just to prove a point? I think only an idiot would rather pay more, and I am sure you are much smarter than that.

“I won’t ever fly Allegiant again because they are going to charge me for carry-on bags!”

That sounds like a great strategy until you realize that flying another airline that doesn’t charge for a carry-on is going to cost you much more than flying on Allegiant. Do you people know how to do math? Do you think before you speak, or do you just not have any common sense? Do you really want to pay more money to another airline just to prove a point? I think only an idiot would rather pay more, and I am sure you are much smarter than that. Please prove me wrong, and the planes will be much more empty and fairs will drop so they can fill them full again. That will save me some money.

People don’t seem to understand that adding this carryon fee means that base fares will come down for EVERYONE, so if you just take a carryon, this change benefits you, if not, you will pay a few dollars more, and it might still be cheaper than other airlines. Interesting to see that they charge checked bag fees per segment, I can’t imagine anyone but Spirit does this.

Mercedes Canovas

I bought my ticket april 3 for fly may 18 i have to pay 35$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and i paid convenience fee$$$$$ plus tax.

Idaho Dave

I fly Allegiance ALOT and it doesn’t really bother me because of their pricing. For instance, I just bought tickets to Vegas from Idaho Falls for $18. EIGHTEEN dollars for a 600+ mile flight. That wouldn’t pay the cost of inspecting my shoes at security. If I go with the only alternative airline the base cost is over $300 each way and I would still have to pay luggage fees.

Remember you get what you pay for!!!! Don’t look at the paint job, but remember how old the aircraft is your on! Take it from an A&P those MD-80’s have seen better days! I only wish they were new A320’s like ours! Like the Fram man says “Pay me now or pay me later!”

Wait..B6 flies from Idaho Falls to LAS?

I’m all for carry-on fees, I know people will think I’m crazy but I’m fed up of gate delays etc because people are bringing on too much.

The fact is that far too many people, for far too long, have been taking carry-on on board aircraft that’s beyond the permissible limit but this is never going to be checked by the TSA for those with printed boarding passes….gate agents need to police it better too.

Again, I know people will disagree but those with obnoxious (kitchen sink size) hand luggage really piss me off.

I don’t think this is a wise move for them. This is one way of chasing away your customers….unless they are going to lower their fares (and hope to make money with the luggage deal).

I would think allegiant would fly to Florida this summer now that Met jet can’t get there shit together…..

I often Spirit to Florida locations. Over the years I have saved a lot of money flying Spirit. Additionally, I have often booked two of us to Florida and back in slow seasons for as little as $ 5.00 round trip using
$ 2,500.00 in their credit card purchases. Other credit cards require ten times that much charging for a ticket.

I suggest you save money by planning your trips well ahead and also reading and following the rules. Additionally, if travelers want better service and more perks they should fly “more established” airlines. Flying first class also helps. Foe me, saving me money and getting me there on time in a clean safe aircraft is what matters. I believe that many people feel the same way.

Melba Niemuth

I fly between Tucson, AZ and Pasco, WA twice a year, with a 45 minute layover in SLC. I usually pay between $450. and $520. for a round trip.. When I went to make my reservations 4 weeks in advance, Delta now wants over a $1000. for a round trip. I called Delta twice to ask what gives, but just got a run around. My ex-husband can still fly Delta to Appleton, WI. round trip for $504. What a rip off, Delta is handing the people in the Tri-cites, WA. I found I can fly to LV from Tucson for $69.00 and $85. plus $15.00 for an aisle seat from LV to Pasco, WA.. I am shipping my suitcase thru the first time by UPS until I see what the layout at the LV airport is all about.. So, round trip would be about $400. and if you count the cost of the luggage, probably it would all add up to $460. That price sure beats $1000. doesn’t it? Just think, many, many Federal workers fly out of Pasco, WA on business every day and the company pays for those flights. Oh, wait a minute, Federal workers, I mean we, as taxpayers pay for those expensive Delta Flights.

We bought our tickets with Allegiant prior to the new carry on fee being implemented. We’ve always only travelled on Allegiant with our carry-ons so we could save money and time. Our flight is tomorrow, and we are a little worried we might be forced to pay up.

Anyway…I can’t seem to find any information that assures me that when we get to the airport in Bellingham tomorrow that they aren’t going to demand payment for our carry-on bags. Any info would be great.

Also, I just wanted to say that I think fees for carry-ons are complete crap. However, if the total cost of the flight including all the fees is still considerably cheaper than another carrier, I guess I will still (reluctantly) fly with Allegiant. If the savings is small though, I will probably opt for a different carrier just to make a point.

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