This Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight is EPIC!

This Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight is EPIC!

This is a live shot (well about 5min old) of flight aware catching a Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking an interesting route east across the US. It might look a bit like a “787” and the future path is showing that it might be in the process of making a “-8.”

I gave a quick call to Boeing and they aren’t will to say what is going on (yet), but I expect more details to be released once the plane lands back at 7am at KBFI (where it took off). Until then, you can spend the next 12 hours watching this Dreamliner make an epic flight.

Last August, Boeing did something similar with the 747-8, making a “747” flight plan over the US during the 747-8F’s final test flight.

Working on more info and will update…

Wow, I didn’t zoom out enough (thanks Pat) … The flight path shows not only are they making a “787-8” but also the entire Boeing logo. You might be an AvGeek if watching this live gives you goose bumps! This is truly a work of art.

Did the special flight of this Boeing 787 get called off?

Did the special flight of this Boeing 787 get called off? Or is Flight Aware showing wrong info.

Uh oh… the flight status is not showing the full Boeing logo anymore and now the aircraft is heading back to KBFI, with a return time of 10:51PM PST.

Flight Aware is not known to be the most accurate and now the landing time is showing at 8:34pm. My guess is the 787 is continuing on with its full logo.

On track to do the full logo.

On track to do the full logo.

Looks like the plane is making a nice arch up to the northeast and a sharp turn to the southeast, meaning it is still on track to make the full logo. According to Jon Ostrower, this is aircraft  is ZA236 (which is set to be delivered to Air India) and is working the final flying certification flights for the GEnx-1B engines.

Gotta love Flight Aware.

Gotta love Flight Aware.

Taken at 9:05PM PST, Flight Aware is back to showing the original flight plan that we haven't seen for a while.

Taken at 9:05PM PST, Flight Aware is back to showing the original flight plan that we haven't seen for a while.

Yea, I am going with Flight Aware doesn’t know what is going on. Looks like the aircraft is on target to making the origional design and I am not quite sure what this one is supposed to be.

What a cool design!

What a cool design!

UPDATE 2/10 7:15AM
As most of the US slept last night, the Boeing 787 kept on its mission to mark the sky with a full Boeing logo. As of now, the Dreamliner is still in the air and is scheduled to land at Paine Field at about 8:30am. The aircraft is taking the same journey west as it did east, back tracking over the original “787.”

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Boeing Designs “787” and Boeing Logo With Dreamliner’s Flight Path
Pat Bell

787 with the Boeing logo…very cool flight plan for this test flight.

I see the logo flight plan is gone, but I see the same arrival time as it was earlier.

I think Flight Aware is giving bad information (surprise, surprise) and the plane is still on track for the full logo.


Pat Bell

Looks like the plan just reappeared on Flightaware and they are right on part of the logo design.


This one tops all the other “747” and “787” flight plans.

Or any other flight plan 🙂


Alex Jossi

It said a Boeing 747-8F performing a test on its way to PDX from Hawaii was still three hours out when it was just over the Oregon Coast. I think not… Good ole’ FlightAware. Currently looks like it’s back on track to do the Boeing logo.

That is just freakin awesome!

I think it also serves a useful purpose in keeping the flight crew fully engaged during what would otherwise be a long, boring test flight.

19 Hours of flying…fuel, crew, support… I wonder how much it cost to make that logo 🙂


I beleive it may be the world’s largest Ohio Etch-a-Scetch.

Pago Flyer

A neat way to get some good media exposure.

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