I wish I had some additional news to share about Aviation Geekfest 2012, but right now the Future of Flight and I are still working things out and since nothing has been 100% locked down, I am unable to share the details. I can say that #AGF12 should be bigger and better than any one before it and I am very excited.

It looks like it will probably start either late morning or early afternoon and go into the evening on Sunday February 19th. There were will be parts where you must sign up (because of limited space) , but others when anyone and everyone can show up (later in the event).

We aren’t sure what will happen right now, but I can tell you that something WILL be happening — so make plans to be here.

What you can do for now is sign up for the #AGF12 mailing list. By signing up, you will make sure to hear about all the updates as soon as we have them. Although I will keep updating my blog about details, it is best to be on the list since there were will be limited slots for the really cool stuff and you do not want to be late to register.


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Isaac Alexander

Thanks David for keeping everyone updated!

Yes…thanks David…and thanks Isaac. šŸ™‚

Corey Thomson

How does one sign up for the avgeekfest mailing list?

Mark C. (OKC)

Well Corey…. just click on the “sign up for the #AGF12 mailing list” link listed above in David’s post and it will take you right where you want to go. Good luck and have fun if you go.

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