The first Boeing 737. Photo found via Gordon Werner / Flickr

The first Boeing 737, which does not have GoGo Internet. Photo found via Gordon Werner / Flickr.

NOTE: The contest is now over. You can view the answer here.

Today, Boeing delivered their 7,000th 737 to FlyDubai — those are a lot of airplanes.

To celebrate this monumental achievement I feel like holding a contest. I was asked by a reader (thanks Robert G), “How many 737s out of the 7000 are still flying,” and that is a great question. I turned that question over to Boeing and have received an official answer that I am using for the contest. I also sent out a few “crack-team information finders” (thanks Dan and Ben) to see if there would be some website that would easily give the answer away (that happened during my last contest) and I feel confident this one is not easy.

Now, I am turning that question over to you: How many Boeing 737s are still flying today? (according to the official answer that Boeing gave to me on 12/15/11 – Note that although Boeing gave me the answer for the contest, they are no way involved with the contest)

Oh and there are some real prizes to go along with this one. GoGo Inflight Internet has agreed to give the three closest guesses a free internet session for their next flight (which makes a great stocking stuffer — for yourself).

So send me an email (da***@ai*************.com) or leave a comment with your best guess (you only get one). You have until the end of the day Monday the 19th to guess and then I will reveal the answer with all sorts of other great facts about the legendary Boeing 737.

Game on.

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going to guess 3500

This number seems way higher than what I was expecting, but I’ll have to go with 5,623

How are we defining “still flying”? Are we counting stored airworthy (in theory) airframes?

I was given the number with how many airlines they are operating with, so I am guessing actually flying.


Also, I’m guessing 4650.

Maybe 5225

glen towler

My Guess is 5950

Andy Mannion


let say 5418

Gordon Werner

currently 5504 of the 7001 737s built are still active (although this will change each day as more roll off the line at Renton)

Well, whatever the number, it is greater than the total number of Airbuses still flying, given that our European friends just announced their 7,000th total shipment.


still flying: 1785
total still operational, but not necessarily flying: 2874

JC Edwards

4,600 737s are flying today.

M J Smith

I’ll say 5923

R G Pierce


5201 is my guess. Quite a random number, but what the heck.

There are 6087 737’s still flying today out of 7000 that have been manufactured over the past 44 years.

4,958 737s are still in service.


I would saï½ã€€ï½ï½‚out 578ï¼

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