That is one styl'n Boeing 737-800 with a mustache.

That is one styl'n Boeing 737-800 with a mustache.Photo by Qantas.

For some reason, it seems that November is connected closely with men growing facial hair. A few years back the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia started promoting Movember with men growing mustaches to support prostate cancer research. Think of it as a pink ribbon to support breast cancer, but involving hair.

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce is a survivor of prostate cancer and obviously the company has a special motivation for this. ’œAs a survivor of prostate cancer, I am passionate about bringing greater awareness to men who are most at risk,” Joyce stated in a press release.

A 737 is not the only Qantas property to get the hairy treatment. A giant moustache has also been installed on the exterior of Sydney Qantas Domestic Airport, Terminal 3.

This terminal grows better facial hair than I do. Photo by Qantas.

This terminal grows better facial hair than I do. Photo by Qantas.


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