The Boeing 747-8F is delayed. Will the 787 go to ANA before the 747-8F goes to Cargolux?

The Boeing 747-8F is delayed. Will the 787 go to ANA before the 747-8F goes to Cargolux?

As of now, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is scheduled to be delivered to All Nippon Airways (ANA) on Monday September 26th. The first Boeing 747-8F was scheduled to be delivered to Cargolux on the 19th, but as of now has little hope of being delivered this week.

So that raises the question: which aircraft do you think will be delivered to their customer before the other? The 787 or the 747-8F?

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Mark C. (OKC)

Well David, looks like Boeing is going to deliver “something” next week.
Greed has gotten in the way of a spectactular event, perhaps tarnishing other “events” to come for quite a while. What a shame.

Boeing has put together a website for the 787 delivery….. enjoy all.

Cargolux was given a second opportunity to be a launch customer for a Boeing jet. But after this, it’s a fair guess there will never be a third time.

The 787 will definitely deliver first. ANA has too much riding on it and has made it pretty public that they accept the shortcomings of early 787 aircraft. Plus, having sold tickets specifically for the 787, the publicity hit would be just too much.

Cargo customers don’t care what planes you fly as long as you give a good price on getting cargo from point A to point B.

Not the best publicity for a new plane to be delivered with warts and all just to make it happen. Boeing should thank the Japanese with another big discount for being so accommodating.

The ANA has been very patient with Boeing so in will be a disaster if non delivered on the 26th.


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