This is a classic commercial for Republic Airlines. I chose it not only for the retro Boeing 727 and DC-9, but for sharing the idea of positive letters. Believe it or not, airlines actually do receive letters like this and I have been to more than one airline headquarters where they proudly display them on the wall, to remind workers that some folks are appreciative. For most airlines, all letters (good or bad) are read.

The Republic Airlines in this video is not the same today that operates Frontier. In 1986 Republic Airlines was purchased by Northwest Airlines, which is now part of Delta.

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John D

I have sent more than one complimentary letter over the years, and the airline replies always seem to have an element of surprise when folks are congratulated. All of us should expect a minimum level of service, and I find that level is almost always exceeded by the folks working the flight. Airline staff are frequently slammed for things completely out of their control, but when a smile and a thank you are offered by myself and other passengers, I hope I remind these folks that we appreciate their efforts. BTW, great footage of the 727-200, probably the most graceful bird I’ll see in my lifetime.

Hm. Memories of North Central Airlines, Minneapolis, late 60s, my first ‘serious’ introduction to commercial aviation. OK, two sequential girlfriends did not hurt the process: One’s father was a Senior Captain at NWA and the other’s dad owned and flew a potent little Mooney. My mileage varied and my opportunities changed. I’ve never lost that early bug.

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