Boeing 787 Flying over Seattle, WA

Benet Wilson, who writes for Aviation Week and has her own blog Aviation Queen, is out of town and asked me to write up a guest blog. I decided to write on something important to me: Aviation in Seattle.

I give a little synopsis of all the great things that aviation loves can do, when visiting (or living in Seattle). Click here to check it out.

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Photo Tour of Singapore Airlines Training Facility
drew V

I have to give a shoutout to Charlotte NC as a lover of aviation too! While there are no airplane factories nearby, the airport does have a viewer’s observation area right at the touchdown point of runway 18C with picnic tables that is open dawn to dusk and is free. Carolinas Aviation Museum is currently going through renovations and includes a working DC-3, one of the last F-14 tomcats to ever fly, and the recent addition of Flight 1549, the Airbus A320 that “landed” on the Hudson River. The CLT airport terminal also features a model of the Wright Flyer hanging from the ceiling and one of the cheapest long term parking rates in the region. Add in some southern hospitality, 6 daily European flights, and a hub for a major airline.

Mark C. (OKC)

My son is an aviation enthusiast and I had the great pleasure of getting him to Seattle last summer…. and if you go during the first part of August (we did), the Seattle Sea-Fair includes a fantastic air show (over water) that normally includes the Blue Angels. David’s “Short Take” was just that…. short…. there is so much aviation history in Seattle that I will visit this wonderful city for years to come and probably never see all it has to offer. Plus the people involved in all those places are some of the most sharing and knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet and their passion of flight shines bright. If you love Aviation…..Seattle is a must see place.

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