Holy cow, that is one slick taxi-way. Found this beauty on NYC Aviation’s website of an SAS Boeing 737 having a little trouble on the ice-covered pavement. I am not sure what the woman is saying in the video, but kind of hoping it has to do with how awesome seeing a 737 slide around like that looks like. I am would imagine it is not as awesome if you are inside.

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Short Take: Boeing Might Install Vibrating Seats in the Cockpit

Cool vid man! Thanks for posting it!

Rob Goodman

Hey a new ride at Disney !!!


You can see them putting grit down in the foreground, however, this Capt decided to break out a bit too soon. It also looks like the airplane weathervaned into a bad wind as well. I don’t know what they could be thinking – SAS and Bodo airport should be the experts on working with icy tarmac/runway conditions. When faced with this situation – differential thrust, and hope for the best.

I saw this on another site and they indicated that this is a known bad area on the tarmac that has bad winds and that this was neither the first nor the last one to do this.

This is called a “tow in”.

Love the music and the speeded up action at the end. SAS seem to be accident prone at the moment. A UK Air Accident report issued last week revealed one of the cabin crew suffered spinal injuries during turbulence (she was thrown from her crew seat, then landed on it). It was the third such incident for the airline, which has now issued guidelines” saying they should strap themselves in !

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