Throttles of a Boeing 747-400.

Throttles of a Boeing 747-400.

Flashing lights, warning alarms and that shrieking voice saying “pull up.” There are a lot of emergency indicators in the cockpit of an airliner and Boeing is looking at adding another. The warnings already hit two senses: sight and hearing… it’s time to add touch. Boeing submitted a patent application to make the pilot’s seat vibrate in a number of different situations, but not only in emergencies. Can this help keep pilot’s awake during flight? It sure can’t hurt.

Learn more about how the seats will work, why Boeing is looking at this option over at my story on AOL Travel News.

Image: Sebastian Suk

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One should also read the patent abstract. I can see the vibrating seat part just fine. The secondary alert, The Probe, suggests that some at Boeing has a warped sense of humor.

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