After a successful flight around Washington state, the first Boeing 747-8 International landed at Boeing Field, located in Renton, WA. On this post is an HD video of the landing and taxi. Sorry for it being wobbly, I had to get in a really awkward position to get this video without getting people in it, but it worked.


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A Nice Little Wrap Up to the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental’s First Flight

I loved hearing all the shutters going off when it was landing…
Thanks for being there as I could not have.


Thanks for postng this and ues, great fun! If I’ve ever seen a better ‘greased’ ’47’ landing, I don’t know when. That 747-8I chief pilot (cannot remember is name) probably sleeps with this a captain’s seat stapped to his behind . Seriously the landing was impressive and said Captain certainly knows his airplane. BFI (if that is still the correct name)is not a simple approach. I’m sure that this first flight got whatever priority that it needed, but the fellow truly ‘greased’ it onto the runway. Although it was the first flight,I suspect that both of the pointy-end drivers know that airplane better than they know thier domestic partners. Has BFI ever seen a better landing? -C.


When the head driver wears a suit and tie (jeans and a soft short are more his style) this is a BIG deal. After a multi-hour working test flight, I’llbe that he used the Executive Cabin to change his stuff, before disembarking and offering that famous Boeing wave. One smooooothe landing and one impressive airplane. At more than 500 thousand pounds (OK, not on this flight)some say that it flies as easily as a high-wing Cessna. Ithe the recent videos, I can believe that rather silly statement. **With well more than 40+ years of experience under their belts, the engineers at Boeing are entitled to cluck a bit ast the -8 flies.** A whole generation of engineers and designers, perhaps almost two generations, have tuned that beauty to the graceful hauler that she is. While not suitable for every market, on its own turf, the -8 is a winner. It is one impressive airplane! The team of pilots who will put her though her paces are experts, certainly, but also very fortunate folks. Can one imagine what their personal log books look like? Or the supplemental stuff… Perhas a thousand hours of ‘dry’ flying a new airplane, before it ever moved an inch. A mobile simulator, created just to test this plane’s systems. Fling it on jacks, to test the landing gear. Do you ‘spoze that Boeing’s Chief Pilot for the -8 project knows his airplane pretty well? He probably knows this airplane batter than he knows his family. ANd with that intimate knowledge, is it any wonder that the first flight was fine and that the landing was a photo-op ‘greaser?’ The engineers at Boeing are not their only talnet pool. The hands-on builders are gifted and their PR folks are obviously a talented group. I do not know how much a basic -8 might cost – and Boeing does not talk about real prices – but it is one impressive airplane. It can lift/move huge nmbers of people and or monstrous loads of freight, and fly a tad faster than most other commercial jets. the 747-8 will fit into any airport that accommodated any other 747 and that means most, and without any expensive changes. Will it carry as many seats as that silly A380? No, not quite. IF seat capacity is the goal, the -8 can come darn close and the cost per seat mile is even closer. Does the A380 have an “F” Model? Maybe, on paper and 8-10 years out. The -8F is flying and opus 01 is very close to delivery. CargoLux will likely have it in-service within a few days of the fommal delivery, *perhaps* before Q3 this year. When will the A380F begin moving cargo? What airport modifications are necessary to accommodate it? As I understand it, when an A380 lands and LAX, they need to close taxiways and other roads to other normal traffic, escort the the plane with a dozen or more land vehices and 30+ staff, just to get it to one of two or three gates than can accommodate it. Someone, somple place has to pay foro those services – or loss of services to others. Does the 748-8 have those problems? Nope! Even at max weight, it can land at most commercial U.S.. airports and do its unloading and loading business with existing facilities. the ‘7-8’ can taxi without assistance and, save the normal seperation used for other ‘heavy’ aircraft, has no impact on approach or ground operations. The A380F is still but a dream for some, but will it be able to operate as easily and thte -8F? Heck no. Heavens, the thing cannot even reach the appropriate gates without shutting down a major portion of the airport and requiring a dozen escor vehicles. How does the 747-8 move on the ground? Save some careful consideration of jet blast, the 747-8 can taxi and excutre ground movements like any other aircraft.
So, if YOU were doing the buying and had to haul a logt of people or especially cargo, very often to/from some almost unknown places, which airplace would YOU buy? Do you want one that won’t see first flight for several years and canot be delivered in under 10-12 years – and can fly into perhaps 12-15 airports world-wide? Or would you like one that carries just a little less, at a decent ton-mile fuel cost and can be accommodated at almost *any commercial airport* around the world? And, your airplane can probably be delivered within 4-5 years. Which one would YOU buy?
In the interest of full disclosure, I do not own stock in either company. I live in the Pacfic Northwest and have nearly always done so. I am old enough to have seen the first 707s (-80?)and B-52s take their first flights. I have never worked for Boeing and I have no close relatives in thier employ. My late father worked for Boeing from 1950 until about 1953. And with no significant connection, I remain a huge supporter of this company. If one wonders why, look at their export statistics, against our national totals and for any year that one might like. The Goeing Commercial Aircraft Company and its associated companies, is one of the best thinngs that ever happened to this country and certainly to the Pacific Northwest. While we insist that Boeing follow the same business, legal and environmetal rules that everyone else follows, we also honor their presence in our region. And, just for the heck of it,the make a damn good product! Nuff said. -C.

She is a beautiful bird… thanks so much for your coverage, as always!

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